Summary, conclusions and reflections on Interaction and Inclusion.

The 2019 Trend Report on Museum and Heritage Education.
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June 2020 LKCA presented Interaction and Inclusion – The 2019 Trend Report on Museum and Heritage Education. Mirjam Moll, Chair of the Museum Association received the first copy.

Now we publish the English summary, including reflections on the report by Valentijn Rambonnet, Herman van Gessel and Marlous van Gastel (cultural heritage teachers at the Reinwardt Academy) and Aspha Bijnaar, initiator of Musea bekennen kleur (Museum show their true colours) and managing director of EducatieStudio.

What can be found?

The Trend Report Interaction and Inclusion sheds light on education in museums and heritage organisations; why they engage in educational activities and how they do it. In what way do museums and heritage organisations try to attract numerous target groups? What priorities do educators set and what do they want to achieve with their efforts? What are their inspiration sources and with whom do they all work together?

You will find answers to these and many more questions in the new Museum and Heritage Education Trend Report. The publication is intended for all those who (want to) engage in museum and heritage education. It provides a wealth of information about how Dutch colleagues approach their work.

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