Breaking Rules – European hiphop meeting

Op 11 en 12 september vond live én online de derde bijeenkomst van het European Hip Hop Studies Network plaats. Voor de eerste keer in Nederland.
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I AM REDO, an internationally renowned dancer, award-winning performer, inspiring keynote speaker, and creative entrepreneur. “My physical disadvantages didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams. Through passion, creativity, and determination I was able to overcome my situation. Now, I want to inspire people to live out their dreams, to believe in themselves, and to not be ashamed of who they are.” (source: website Redo)
Redo will talk about how hip hop and break dance has impacted his life and in what way he is involved in transferring his knowledge on hip hop to younger generations.


Foto: ANP/Koen van Weel

The Dutch Roxanne Hehakaija, better known as Rocky, is a familiar face in the international street football world. As the only female member of the Street Legends, the best street football team in the world and the first woman with her own character in the Fifa20 Volta Legends team. The sport flows like blood through her veins: “Football has made me into the woman that I am, it has given me confidence and pride. I want to pass this on to young people who desperately need it.”
After a serious knee injury ended her career, she started a new mission. Empowering young people to become role models with the power of street football. As a director of the Favela Street Foundation she is responsible for setting up new projects and partnerships, designing the programs and coaching young people. Rocky will speak on how street football and hip hop are intertwined in her life, and in what way hip hop inspires her life, both on and off the pitch.

Chery Salinas

Chery Salinas is a spoken word artist and organizer based in Rotterdam. Her work is known for combining story telling, knowledge and poetry, while taking on subjects like cultural impact, social issues and the human condition. She started off her journey with Foundation Spraakuhloos in 2014, and has been performing and working on and off stage ever since.


Foto: Vilaingai

Akwasi is a story teller. Whether it is rapping, writing poetry or appearing in a TV show: Akwasi wants to inspire, fascinate and entice. Through words. Akwasi is creative centipede. He is an archetype going by his ow saying: rather be a first class version of you, than a second class version of someone else (source: website Akwasi, translated into English).
Akwasi will speak about the meaning of hip hop in his life and his vision on transferring hip hop knowledge onto following generations.

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