Our themes

The activities of LKCA are grouped according to four themes.

Improving the quality of cultural education, both inside and outside school

LKCA believes that every child and every young person has the right to accessible and high-quality cultural education, both inside and outside school. The education system is the ideal place to bring each and every child into contact with art and culture, including children who are not exposed to these areas of life at home. Arts and cultural education deserves an important position in primary schools.

Renewing infrastructure for active cultural participation

We work to ensure that everyone in the Netherlands has the opportunity to actively participate in cultural life. To achieve this we need accessible, affordable and varied local and regional facilities which are effectively distributed, such as centres for the arts, music schools and cultural venues. The level of such provisons is suffering due to cutbacks by central government, provincial authorities and municipalities. We also have to respond to the changing needs of practitioners.

Strengthening the connection between active cultural participation and other sectors

Society is changing rapidly and the transition from a caring society to a society based on active participation is in full swing. The devolution of power to local government is particularly far-reaching in policy areas that affect young people, the elderly, the chronically ill and labour force participation. 

LKCA is convinced that it makes sense to introduce active cultural participation in sectors such as health care, welfare and employment.

Promoting broad social appreciation of cultural education and active cultural participation

LKCA strengthens support among the general public for cultural education and participation and contributes to a positive image. This is inspired not only by the social benefits, but also because many people simply take pleasure in, are moved by or find solace in art and culture.