international cooperation

LKCA participates in various international networks. These include the following.

International organisations

  • AceNET
    ACEnet is a network of European policy makers, civil servants and academics working in the fields of arts and cultural education.
  • Amateo 
    An international network for those working in the sector of active cultural participation
  • Art-Age 
    An organisation that explores new methods and approaches to cultural participation among older people and applies them in practice. Art-Age is part of the Grundtvig programme. 
  • CANON Cultural Unit 
    CANON encourages and supports schools through projects and study programmes to expand their own artistic and cultural activities.
  • Envil (European Network Visual Literacy) 
    The European network for arts teachers and those offering guidance in the field of the visual arts.
  • Grundtvig
    The European Union’s lifelong learning programme Grundtvig supports individuals and organisations involved in adult education.