international cooperation

LKCA participates in various international networks. These include the following.

International networks and organisations

  • ACEnet
    European network of civil servants and policy advisers with arts and cultural education in their portfolio.   
  • Amateo
    An international network for those working in the sector of active cultural participation.
  • CECA  
    Committee for Education and Cultural Action, the international museum network. 
  • ENO 
    European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO), linked to UNESCO.
  • ENViL 
    European Network Visual Literacy, for arts teachers and those offering guidance in the field of the visual arts.
  • European Choral Association - Europa Cantat 
    Non-profit member organisation for vocal ensemble music in Europe. 
  • Erasmus+ (before: Grundtvig) 
    Within Erasmus+ LKCA takes part in the project Bridging social capital by participatory and co-creative culture (2017-2019). 
  • Europe in Perspective: International Co-operation in Cultural Learning 
    In this project at European level professionals in arts and culture are trained to develop more intercultural understanding and European awareness.
    International Network for Research in Arts Education
  • INSEA 
    International Society for Education Through Art