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Improvisation in general music education - a literature review2019
Enabling popular music teaching in the secondary classroom : Singapore teachers' perspectives2018
Who watches the watchmen Evaluating evaluations of El Sistema2018
School-based integrated curriculum : An integrated music approach in one Hong Kong kindergarten2018
Growing musicians in English secondary schools at Key Stage 3 (age 11-14)2017
Assessing complexity. Group composing for a secondary school qualification2017
Can the adoption of informal approaches to learning music in school music lessons promote musical progression?2017
Secondary school teachers' approaches to teaching composition using digital technology2016
Students' experiences of collaborative creation through songcrafting in primary school : Supporting creative agency in ‘school music’ programmes2016
The impact of instrumental music learning on attainment at age 16 : A pilot study2016
Crossing the boundary from outside to inside of school : Contemporary pedagogical challenges2016
"Wanna race?" : Primary student preference for competitive or non-competitive singing games2016
Confidence development in non-music specialist trainee primary teachers after an intensive programme2015
Teacher educators' visions of pedagogical training within instrumental higher music education : a case in Finland2014
Integration of informal music technologies in secondary school music lessons2014
Beyond a constructivist curriculum: a critique of competing paradigms in music education2013
A quantitative assessment of students' experiences of studying music: a Spanish perspective on the European credit transfer system (ECTS)2013
Informal and formal knowledge: the curriculum conception of two rock graduates2013
Integrating informal learning approaches into the formal learning environment of mainstream secondary schools in England2012
Singing in primary schools : case studies of good practice in whole class vocal tuition2012
Music education in China: in search of social harmony and Chinese nationalism2011
John Paynter: Music educator 1931-2010 : special issue2011
Who needs theory anyway? The relationship between theory and practice of music education in a philosophical outlook2011
Assessment of composing in the lower secondary school in the English National Curriculum2010
Musical involvement outside school : how important is it for student-teachers in secondary education?2010
Singapore international schools : best practice in culturally diverse music education2010
Informal learning in music education : special issue2010
Parental expectations of the Swedish municipal school of arts2009
Roots and routes in adult musical participation: investigating the impact of home and school on lifelong musical interest and involvement2009
Children's graphical notations as representational tools for musical sense-making in a music-listening task2009
Learner agency: to understand and to be understood2009
Teaching composing in secondary school: a case study analysis2009
Sociopolitical culture and school music education in Hong Kong2009
Instrumental and vocal teaching: how do music students learn to teach?2009
Research education shaped by musical sensibilities2009
The impact of educators' skills and training on the delivery of music in the learning area Arts and Culture within two districts of the Gauteng province of South Africa2008
The characteristics of action research in music education2008
The 'open-earedness' hypothesis and the development of age-related aesthetic reactions to music in elementary school children2008
Creating a musical world in the classroom: application of a Bourdieuan approach towards understanding teacher practice2008
Curriculum change: an exploration of its impact upon school music in Scotland between 1978 and 20002008
Students' assessments of music learning experiences from kindergarten to university2008
Technologically mediated composition learning: Josh's story2008
A dedication to Janet Mills2008
The 'good-enough' music teacher2008
Talking about composing in secondary school music lessons2007
Inventing music education games2007
To what extent does participation in extracurricular music affect the future aspirations of 11-12-year-olds? : a small scale investigation2007
Ninth-grade pupils' significant experiences in aesthetic areas: the role of music and of different basis modes of confronting music2006
Toward a reconstruction of 'creativity' in music education2006
Tradition, authenticity and context: the case for a dynamic approach2006
Challenges to globalisation, localisation and Sinophilia in music education: a comparative study of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei2006
The music curriculum as 'received' by children: evidence from Cyprus primary schools2006
The teaching of music in the primary school by the non-music specialist2006
Baseline assessment of pupil composing competencies on entry to secondary school: a pilot study2005
Instrumental teaching in higher education2005
Working towards a theory for music technologies in the classroom : how pupils engage with and organize sounds with new technologies2005
Theory, technology and the music curriculum2004
Time-space structuring in spontaneous play on educational percussion instruments among three- and four-year-olds2003
Young people's music in and out of school2003
Perspectives on Music Education2003
From the Western classics to the world: secondary music teachers' changing attitudes in England, 1982 and 19982002
Raising students' performance in music composition through the use of information and communications technology (ICT): a survey of secondary schools in England2002
Some perspectives on musical gift and musical intelligence2002
A report on the situation regarding teaching music to Muslims in an inner-city school2002
A study of adults' attitudes, perceptions and reflections on their singing experience in secondary school: some implications for music education2002
Investigating children's meaning-making and the emergence of musical interaction in group improvisation2002
Broadly based piano education for children aged 5-7 : the PIPO project at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague2002
Music in the school curriculum: why bother?2002
Music education as aesthetic education: a rethink2002
Gender and achievement in music education: the view from the classroom 2001
Travel agency of musical meanings? Discussion on music and context in Keith Swanwick's interculturalism2001
Instrumental learning: is an early start a key to success?2001
The music in Swedish preschools2001
Listening to music at home and at school2001
An investigation of the music activity preferences of pre-school children2000
Making progress with composing 2000
Reasons to teach music: establishing a place in the contemporary curriculum2000
Aesthetic education and the practice of music teaching1999
Music and the National Curriculum in primary schools1994
Women composers and the music curriculum1990
A new look at musical improvisation in education1988
The sequence of musical development : a study of children's composition1986
Popmusic, preference and personality1985
Teacher as guide : the teacher's role in the secondary school music lesson1985